allSAVE Pro allows you to add saving/loading to your project within minutes of installing the asset.

No coding required. No node-based systems or special tracking components. Just a few clicks and you are done.​


Automatically inspects & supports custom types. No need to write code to support your own scripts/components.

All System Collection types are supported, including Lists, Dictionaries, Arrays of any dimension and jagged arrays. System collections may be nested or used together in any other way.

Capable of saving/loading state of over 300 Unity types, not just a small handful of the most common.

Saves & loads coroutines. On load, resumes from where they left off, retaining state of local variables.

Quicksave, autosaves and backups work out of the box.

Encryption and Compression (very tight LZMA compression)

Does not modify your assets/prefabs

Delegates & events are correctly saved & loaded. There's no need to resubscribe to notifications after loading. Even custom delegate types are supported and need not be rebuilt in a post-serialization step.

Easily customise file headers. Useful for displaying stats in menus e.g. hearts, level, screenshot, time, etc (with included examples!)

Easily customise saving/loading progress UI. Again, no need to write a single line of code to add these.

If you want to take direct control of how scripts save, it's easy to extend the code (& you've 400+ examples)

Support for serializing custom scripts written in C# AND UnityScript.

Includes a coroutine controller that allows you to start coroutines from objects that aren't MonoBehaviours

Has currently only been tested on PC but further platform support planned based on demand.​