allSAVE Pro  1.1.2
A Save/Load System for Unity
allSAVE Pro Documentation

Welcome to the allSAVE Pro Documentation page. Using this documentation page, you can find guides on how to use the various features of allSAVE. Advanced users who want to change the behaviour of allSAVE may also browse through every class, file and variable in allSAVE Pro.

allSAVE Pro is an asset for Unity that may be used to quickly add a save/load system into your game. It inspects the code in your project and attempts to add automatic support for saving and loading of every script that is included in the project. In order to improve performance or exercise more control over the serialization process, advanced users may tweak the behaviour of allSAVE using the editor window or the scripting API.

With allSAVE, the user should be able to enable saving/loading in their project within minutes of installing the asset, without having to do tedious manual work such as adding tracking components to any objects or prefabs.